Eight segments with hemp on the market.
Eight projects under the same roof.

01 Organic Farmers Hemp farm with its own laboratory.
02 Hemp garden centre All-embracing service for growers.
03 Hemp treatment Sustainable using of all parts of the plant.
04 WEED NINJA Premium CBD products for demanding clients.
05 CBD+ Combination of hemp with herbs and hemp spa.
06 Green Hive Using hemp in medicine and research support.
07 Trichom Online market with hemp products.
08 Foundation We would be pleased to share experience with others.

Hemp is a universal usable plant

Its positive medicinal, cosmetics and engineering features are documented by millennium of experience and countless of studies. Thanks to this, hemp can be completely used as the whole one ( as one of the few ones ), its environmental impact and the way to sustainablefarming are positive. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to pests and weeds, so it is possible to be grown ecologically – economically.

People start getting back to roots, approved things from the past. Comeback to hemp as a universal effective and profitable plant is logical.

And we have decided to realize it in all regards.

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